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Why Visit Devon in Autumn?

It is worth remembering that Devon isn’t just beautiful during the summer.  You will see more colours during Autumn than any other time of the year.  The season covers Devon with its blanket of oranges and reds.  It is the perfect time of year for exploring the landscape, whether that’s walking, at the beach or at one of the various festivals happening throughout the season.  With beaches to stroll across and pubs to cosy on up in, is there really anywhere better to spend your time as the days get shorter?  If you need more of a reason to visit Devon in Autumn, keep reading!


Autumn is considered the best time of year for a sea swim.  The ocean has warmed through the summer and, with the cooler weather, the sea and air temperatures are often comparable.  Enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea at one of the beautiful beaches.  Or if surfing is more your thing, Autumn is hurricane season in the Atlantic which pushes big waves to the Devonshire shores.  Hire a board for the day or bring your own and enjoy the surf.  Autumn also brings the start of dogs being allowed back on the beaches.  Let your pooch enjoy exploring the county as much as you do!  If you are looking for a reason why you should visit Devon in Autumn, this should be reason enough.  And with many of our properties being dog-friendly, we can find you the perfect spot to relax after a day at the beach.


Bonfire night is no ordinary night in Devon.  There are lots of events all over the county to celebrate the night with big bonfires and fabulous fireworks.  The most famous of events is in Ottery Saint Mary.  The men and women of the town run with flaming barrels of tar on their backs through the streets.  It is an adrenaline-fuelled night filled with fun and mulled wine.  What more can you want from a visit to Devon in Autumn.  With various events happening across the county, be sure to check one out.


Explore a different side of Devon this Autumn by sampling local food, drink and more at the many food festivals taking place across the county.  If you like food, you could simply work your way around the county by going to all the food festivals.  There’s England’s Seafood Feast, Dartmouth Food Festival, Abbfest Beer and Food Festival, just to name a few.  Check them out online to find your favourite and book Your Devon Escape today to not miss out.


Autumn is definitely walking season.  With the leaves changing colour, it is the perfect time to enjoy a woodland walk and Devon has no shortage.  Or if you fancy exploring either of the moors or the South West Coast Path, discover the tors and steep cliffs without having to worry about uncomfortably high temperatures.  Embrace the fresh breeze and lower temperatures making your walk more enjoyable.  It is the perfect time to explore without as many people around to ruin the view. Enjoy the landscape in peace and quiet on Your Devon Escape.


Autumn is a peaceful time of year to visit Devon.  All the kids are back at school, making the county a quieter time of year to visit.  Don’t worry about parking restrictions or bookings things in advance.  Benefit from exploring with less people around.  Discover deserted beaches; listen to the wildlife and sea breeze; appreciate the uninterrupted landscape.  Appreciate the county with space and tranquillity.  Experience Devon like a local and learn to love it like we all do!


There is nothing better than getting cosy by a fire as the days get shorter and colder.  The pubs come alive when the nights start to draw in and everyone comes together around a few pints.  It is the perfect place to gather with friends or family.  Introduce yourself to some locals and learn more about the local area over a pint.  Or if you find yourself outside a pub during the day, pop in and enjoy a hearty meal and great views.

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