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Why Should You Book Your 2024 Devon Escape

Whether you want to relax and watch the waves roll in or be immersed in countryside, Devon is the place to do it.  If you need a reason for why you should book Your 2024 Devon Escape, keep reading.  And why not a Your Devon Escape property as your base.


Your Devon Escape is running a promotional offer until the end of November.  If you enter the code LAUNCH24 at checkout, you will receive 10% off all 2024 bookings.  This promotional offer is only on the base cost of the holiday; additional extras are not included.  It is only running for the month of November, so if you want 10% off your holiday, book before the 30th!  Fancy Your Devon Escape in 2024, why not make the most of this offer and head to our new website to book today!


Devon is one of two counties home to two coastlines and is home to some of the UK’s best beaches.  With bays of golden sand or shingle, paddle in the waters or nose in the many rockpools.  Enjoy a local ice cream on a hot day or wrap up and take a stroll to watch the waves in the wet and cold.  Devon’s beaches can truly be explored in all weathers and all seasons.  Check out our recommendations in our journal.


If you need a reason for why you should book Your (2024) Devon Escape, food is an excellent place to start.  There is an endless selection of good restaurants and cafés to enjoy, serving local produce.  Indulge in some local seafood, caught that day, or enjoy local meat from the next field over.  With much of Devon’s land belonging to farming, experience locally grown fruit and vegetables at many of the local eateries.  Try local whilst staying local, and experience what Devon has to offer regarding food.  Check out our journal for recommendations!


No matter the season, there is so much for children to get involved in in Devon.  With endless indoor and outdoor activities, with excellent free options, it is the perfect place to bring the children for all the fun.  Check out our journal for recommendations!  When you can pack the car up and bring it all, why not book Your 2024 Devon Escape

When you come to Devon, it is not just a holiday but an experience.  Devon is one of the most visited tourist locations in the UK, and we hope you will come and see why.  With great food, drink and beautiful surroundings, this place is a little bit magic.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out our website and book Your 2024 Devon Escape today. 

For more ideas for what to do on Your Devon Escape, why not check out our journal for recommendations.  Or make us all jealous on Your Devon Escape by sharing your adventures with #yourdevonescape or tag us on Facebook @YourDevonEscape, on Instagram @your_devon_escape or TikTok @yourdevonescapeltd

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