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Why Have a Second Home in Devon?

You may ask whether the investment into a second home in Devon is worth it?  Why have a second home in Devon now the world has opened up again.  Well, despite the option of a trip abroad post-pandemic, the popularity of the staycation continues to increase.  With Devon being in the top five most desirable holiday destinations in the UK, and in the top 50 places to visit in the world (according to Time Magazine), buying a holiday home in Devon means you can reap the benefits of having a home in a holiday paradise.  Below we have listed some Your Devon Escape’s reasons for having a second home in Devon.  Have a read and see if you agree!


The Gulf Stream influences a mild climate, allowing Devon to maintain moderate temperatures throughout the year.  Even in the winter months, the county can experience some delightful sunny days.  Devon’s sunshine hours are among the highest in the UK, ensuring longer days and more daylight hours to enjoy the surroundings.  This can make Devon the perfect holiday destination all year round for visitors and, therefore, a constant income stream.


Devon as a county is easy to get to.  With most of the county being accessible via main roads, and with various ways to get to places, it is the perfect location for a holiday home.  It is easy to create directions to your property for those holiday maker’s coming to stay, and it is straightforward to get to this corner of the world from all over the UK.  The M5 will bring most easily into the county and then there are A roads that will take you to most destination towns.  Therefore, those coming to stay in your property will not have a stressful journey getting to it and enjoy their Devon Escape from setting off, taking in the beautiful scenery on the way down.


Investing in a holiday property in Devon means that not only will you have Your (own) Devon Escape, but you can earn revenue from it too!  Having a second home to rent out is a lucrative business and can gain you a substantial revenue stream.  Enjoy the use of your property whilst making a lovely income when you aren’t.  The best of both worlds.


You might be buying the property simply as an investment but do not forget that you can use it too!  Enjoy your own staycation in beautiful Devon and see for yourself why the locals and holiday maker’s love it!  With Your Devon Escape, you have the flexibility to use your property whenever you wish.  Book it out for yourself, when you would like to, and make it available to the public for the rest of the year.  This way you have the option to fall in love with Devon with everyone else!  Pop down to this beautiful part of the world throughout the year and enjoy it throughout the seasons whilst also making an income from it!


Devon is a popular holiday destination because of the endless options it has on offer.  It is close to the coast, set in the countryside, and convenient and accessible.  Devon is one of only two counties with two coastlines.  This means that wherever you are, you are no more than an hour from the sea and have 700km of coast to explore.  It is home to two National Parks, Dartmoor and Exmoor, with endless opportunities for hiking and biking.  Devon is also home to five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  These consist of some of the country’s finest landscapes, with iconic archaeological, geological, and historical sites and valuable wildlife habitats.  This makes Devon the perfect destination for tourists looking for an adventure.


2022 has seen an increase of Domestic Tourism of 35% compared to pre-pandemic levels*.  Whilst people enjoyed their staycations during the pandemic, many have fallen in love with beautiful Devon.  They have continued to book holidays in this area of the world, despite the option to travel abroad being available again.  They are booking to come back next year or even multiple times throughout the year.  Invest in a second home in Devon today and quickly reap the benefits from the many people who will want to stay in your property.

If you want to read about what Your Devon Escape offers as a company, check out our website or read our journal post on ‘Why Should You Use a Second Home Property Management Company?’.  Or to find out more or speak to us, simply email us at enquiries@yourdevonescape.co.uk.

*Statistics from Sykes Cottages Owner research 2022 and Staycation index 2021

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