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Why Everyone Should Visit Devon Once

With two coastlines, two National Parks, and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is no wonder that so many people love Devon.  Dramatic sea views, beautiful rivers, cosy places to stay and excellent places to eat and drink, the county offers something for everyone.  Voted in the top fifty places to visit in the world in 2022, we will hope you will come and see why.  Devon is just magical, and we want to share it with you.  If you need more reason as to why everyone should visit Devon once in their life, keep reading!


When one thinks of Devon, they think farmland, which we do have a lot of, but we have a whole lot more.  Devon is made up of raw beauty and natural charm.  We have the raw beauty of Dartmoor and Exmoor, with rugged tors and ancient settlements.  And the natural charm of the rolling hills, acres of farmland and meandering streams.  Wildlife inhabits the countryside and valleys.  There is so much to explore and enjoy, whether this be from the comfort of one of our properties, or by foot or car.  Be sure to book Your Devon Escape to come and check out why everyone should visit Devon once.


The North and South coastlines of Devon are very different.  The South coast is made up of beautiful green cliffs down to small coves and pretty beaches, whereas the North is made up of wild cliffs that drop into tumultuous seas with big waves that attract surfers.  The many beaches on both coastlines are popular with both tourists and locals.  During the down season, many of the beaches allow dogs and it’s easy to see why they are a popular choice when going for a walk.

This stretch of coastline is full of history.  It has many small coves and inlets which were used by smugglers to hide important cargo.  If you come across these hidden gems, you’ll often be the only ones on the beach.  Plymouth is famous for its connection to the navy with interesting historical shipwrecks to explore.  Some of these wrecks are considered dive wrecks, so if diving is a passion be sure to check them out.  Or if other water sports are for you, this area of the coast is ideal with lots to try.  Or enjoy some delicious seafood and explore one of the many fishing towns such as Brixham or Clovelly.  For beach recommendations and areas of the coast to discover, check out our journal.


Devon is renowned for its food and drink, with many Michelin star chefs claiming that it is one of the best areas to source ingredients.  Lots of high-end London restaurants gather supplies from the Devon coast and countryside.  Arguably the most famous culinary delight that has graced the plates of many Devonians and further afield over the years is the Devonshire Cream Tea.  There is a big dispute between counties over the origin of the cream tea, but many countries around the world recognise it as originating in Devon.  Just be sure to put your jam and cream on the right way round!

Besides food, there is plenty of beverages to try, with lots of local breweries and distilleries on the doorstep depending on your tipple of choice.  Devon is probably most famous for its cider which it has been producing for centuries but, in recent years, the county has become more well-known for its local gins.  Plymouth Gin is home to one of the oldest distilleries in the UK, with Plymouth being the sole distributor of gin to the navy forces back during the days of the Empire.  So be sure to try some of your favourite tipple whilst in the county, and if you want recommendations for restaurants and cafés to try, head to our journal.


As mentioned, Devon is known for its coastline and countryside, making it the perfect landscape for hiking.  Whatever terrain you’re willing to adventure on, Devon can probably accommodate you.  With moorland, woodland, coastal paths, and historic grounds to explore, Devon is truly nature’s playground.  Being home to two different coastlines, there is so much of the South West Coast Path to discover.  For the more adventurous of explorers, you can even take part in rock climbing, caving, and coasteering as part of your hike.  There are lots of guidebooks that offer in-depth information on local walks and hikes, but if you would like recommendations and quick overviews of potential hikes, check out our journal.


History is something that always adds character to a place.  It tells a story of what has been created around you.  Every place has a story and Devon is no different.  Devon’s present culture is influenced by its history, with bustling market towns and its links to the Royal Navy.  Home to the British Navy, with Sir Francis Drake once making the county a long-term residence, there is lots of maritime connections.  The markets are a great place to pick up local produce or handmade crafts.  A great way to take a little piece of Devon home.

When you come to Devon, it is not just a holiday but an experience.  Devon is one of the most visited tourist locations in the UK, and we hope you will come and see why.  With great food, drink and beautiful surroundings, this place is a little bit magic.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out our website and book Your Devon Escape today.  Come and see why we think everyone should visit Devon once in their life!

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