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Walks Around Slapton and Torcross

Slapton and Torcross are the perfect bases to explore some excellent walks along the South West coast.  From the Reserve to the coastline, there are so many options for a stomp.  For recommendations of walks around Slapton and Torcross, keep reading.


This moderate walk has two long and steady ascents.  Walk along the beautiful coastline to Bolberry Down and return through the green fields.  Take in the scenes of shipwrecks and the winding Devon lanes before returning to Hope Cove.

SLAPTON LEY (4.2 miles)

A fairly undemanding stroll along the shores of Slapton Ley.  The Nature Reserve has an abundance of wildlife, especially through spring, so keep your eyes peeled as you go.  This circular walk can start at various points around the Ley, including the tank car park and the Reserve Centre.  Just begin wherever you park.  It is the perfect stroll for all ages, and the children will love feeding the ducks.


Head across Slapton Sands towards Strete Gate and follow the coastal path until you reach the road at Strete village.  Stay close to the wall, following the road through the village until you reach Widwell Lane.  Follow the lane until you meet a gate that gives you access to the adjacent field, with views down to Blackpool Sands.  Head through the field until you meet the road that gives you access to the beach.  To return, either hop on the bus or simply walk back the way you came.  This is an ideal walk if you want to something manageable whilst exploring more of the coastline.


If you are looking for longer walks around Slapton and Torcross, this is a great one for you. This route takes you along many of the beaches within the Bay.  Pick your favourite to return to later in your holiday.  The great thing about this route is that you can turn back whenever you wish.  So, if you have little ones with you or you just simply fancy a shorter walk, just head back the way you came.  There are many places to stop for food on the way, but if you are wanting to stop closer towards Start Point itself, we recommend either Britannia at the Beach or The Cricket Inn, both located in Beesands.  To return to Slapton, simply head back the way you came.


If you are looking for a flat stomp in the area, this is the perfect one for you.  This flat route takes you along the Slapton Sands beach from Strete Gate to Torcross. Walk along the sand or follow the path next to the Slapton Ley.  Start your route by grabbing a coffee, cake or bap from the Lime Coffee Co. hut and take in the breath-taking views of the coast.  This stretch of coast is some of the best in the county.  Once you reach Torcross, stop at the Start Bay Inn for a Devon classic fish and chips, or head into the carpark to learn Slapton’s war time history at the tank.  The great thing about this route is that you can turn back whenever you wish.  So, if you have little ones in your group or just simply fancy a shorter walk, just head back the way you came.  There is also a carpark halfway down the beach so you could start your walk there and head in either direction down the beach.


This short walk allows you to take in the stunning views of Bigbury-On-Sea, Burgh Island and Thurlestone Rock.  Walk over the hill from South Milton Sands and be introduced to the lovely Hope Cove village.  Stop for a bite to eat or a pint at The Cove or have some seafood in one of the Lobster Pods.  This is a Devon classic loved by locals and visitors alike.  Pack swimwear and enjoy a dip either in the village or at South Milton on your return.

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