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How to Choose a Holiday Letting Agent

There are lots to think about when renting out a holiday home. This is why many owners choose to use a holiday letting agent to manage their properties.  This blog will take you through the process of what a holiday letting agent is and why you should consider using one for your holiday home.

What is a Holiday Letting Agent?

Like a traditional agent, a holiday letting agent can help a landlord manage their properties and find guests to stay in their holiday homes.  Holiday lettings is a specialist market with the best agents having an excellent knowledge of how to handle seasonal bookings, where to advertise, local market rental rates, and managing guests and changeovers.

There is more work involved in renting out a holiday home than regular letting.  Guest turnover frequently which means more administration for the homeowner, while things like bedding and towels need changing.  Working with a holiday letting agent that handles these situations means less hassle for you.

A holiday letting agent can make your holiday let business more professional.  If you live far away from your property, working with a holiday letting agent means you have someone local to welcome guests, offer recommendations and deal with emergencies.  It makes the experience for your guests run smoother. There is someone on the ground at all times to offer the professional services they may need.

What Does a Holiday Letting Agent Do?

A holiday letting agent’s hole is to advertise your property.  They help you to set a price, create a listing, and promote your property to future guests.  They help with the booking process, managing the property’s schedule, check in/check out, and emergencies.  If you work with a holiday letting agent to fully manage your property, they also can help with:

  • Property Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Compliance such as Gas Safety Checks
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Guest Support and Welcome Packs
Do You Need a Holiday Letting Agent?

If you live close to your property and have the spare time, you might not need to use a holiday letting agent.  Taking a hands-on approach can be more financially rewarding as you’ll keep more of your rental income.  However, if you are new to the holiday home rental market, own several properties, it can be beneficial to work with a letting agent.  It also can just be more labour intensive and stressful if you don’t use one.  Using an agent can mean a chill and stress-free life.

Holiday Letting Agent Fees

Holiday letting agent fees for property owners vary depending on the letting agency you choose.  Your Devon Escape offers attractive commission rates alongside a one-off set up fee.  This fee is just £349 per property and our simple commission structure is a low flat rate of 13%+ VAT per booking.

Benefits of Using a Holiday Letting Agent

A holiday letting agent offers you full property management.  If you want to take a hands-on approach to your property, this is the ideal way.  Location is another benefit. A local letting agent is beneficial because they are based where your property is.  They are present for emergencies and can offer local knowledge to both homeowners and guests.  Holiday letting agents are marketing professionals.  They are specialists, understanding how to advertise your property to the right audience and use their knowledge of the market to set the right price.  These agents know the market better than most homeowners.

Cons of Using a Holiday Letting Agent

Using a holiday letting agent will lower your income.  The cost of a holiday letting agent means your rental income will be lower, but you are paying to reduce your workload.  At the end of the day, is it a con if the priority is less work and hassle.

How to Choose a Holiday Letting Agent?

If you choose to work with a holiday letting agent, deciding which is the right one is crucial.  You’ll be entering into a business relationship, so it’s important you pick a company that you can trust and communicate well with. 

Do your research: check their online reviews, speak to other holiday homeowners for recommendations, or meet the companies in person to discuss your relationship. 

When searching for a holiday letting agent, it is worth checking out their website and social media accounts.  This will give you an idea of how they work and how your property could be advertised.  Remember the market is different with holiday homes, so make sure your agent is a specialist and knows the local market.

Why Your Devon Escape?

We charge a reasonable start-up cost and a respectable commission rate.  In return you and your guests have local knowledge and connections, personal and professional management, and a hands-on team.  We are small enough to be personal yet ambitious enough to challenge the larger agencies and unlike most, we offer the full package.

To learn more about Your Devon Escape, check out our website. Or follow us on social media, on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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