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Choosing the Perfect Holiday Home

Choosing the perfect holiday home is difficult.  To start with, you need to know exactly what you want.  From rooms, to facilities, to location.  Choosing the right location for any property acquisition is important.  But when it is somewhere you might want to spend holidays, it makes it more personal.  You need to consider what kind of property you want to be visiting whilst also considering what holiday makers are looking for when they are looking to go away.  Below we have put together a list of things that we think are important to consider when looking to buy the perfect holiday home…


Keep your eyes and ears open to what is happening within the market and what is available in the area you want to buy.  Start to build your knowledge on prices and what can impact price within the area, to know what to look for when looking for a good deal in the market.  The more research you do, the more of a feel you can have of availability, quality and pricing points.  You want to gage when in the year is a good time to buy, in terms of price of property but also demand you will then get for the property when it is advertised.  This can be affected by whether you are buying in a seasonal area or not.  Devon can offer a steady all-year-round income stream from a holiday home, but is definitely more popular in the summer season.  Therefore, you may be wanting to look to buy within the winter months.


The location of your perfect holiday home should offer some rest and relaxation, and Your Devon Escape believes that Devon is perfect for this.  With stunning beaches, five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty on offer, the stunning South West Coast Path, quaint towns to explore, and more, why would you not want to pick this wonderful part of the world.  More importantly, when choosing a holiday home location, it needs to find itself in an area where people are willing and wanting to visit, and Devon is top of this list.  Devon is one of the most popular staycation destinations in the UK.  So why not buy your perfect holiday home in the county, to enjoy and produce a steady income stream from?


Who do you want staying in your property and what kind of holiday home will they be looking for?  Are they looking for something unique about the property?  Are they looking for luxury?  Are they looking for something that boasts Devon?  Think about how your property is going to stand out over others being advertised and consider this when you are looking.  What is going to make your property unique and desirable?  Are you looking to offer a couple’s getaway, where customers are willing to pay a premium to get some much-needed quality time together?  Or are you going to invest in a larger property to cater for bigger groups and family gatherings?  Consider checking out some of our property listings to understand the kind of properties that we are confident about listing and are loved by holiday makers already.


Is the property perhaps in a location that is not quite in the limelight but gaining more interest as the years go on?  Is buying in a slightly less desirable cheaper area now going to pay off in the future as it gains more interest?  Sometimes buying on the outskirts of popular areas can have major payoffs.  Buying on the outskirts of expanding towns or in the countryside can have significant future benefits.  Speak to agents and experts in the area and our team when deciding where to buy.  Often locals can give you some excellent tips on what areas within Devon are gaining more interest and are the best locations to be looking at.  Or perhaps you are considering investing in a property now that can be a retirement location in the future.  Where would you want this to be?


Now, when you are finally chosen that perfect property, the next question is how to furnish it and whether you are going to add any extras.  Think about what the guests will be looking for.  Log burners in winter?  A hot tub all year round?  A barbeque?  Think about what you might want to invest in that will add something unique and desirable to the property.  Think about what you can do with your property to make it stand out from the rest in the industry.  Check out our properties for inspiration.


When choosing the perfect holiday home, choosing how it is going to be managed is as important a decision.  Using a second home property management company can be a great a idea for many reasons and we believe Your Devon Escape are the best in the business in this corner of the world.  Check out our journal post for what you might want to consider when deciding how you are going to manage your property, whether you want to use a property management company, and if you want it to be us.

For more information as to what Your Devon Escape offers, why not check out our website or social media accounts.  On Facebook @YourDevonEscape, on Instagram @your_devon_escape or TikTok @yourdevonescapeltd.

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