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Experience a Beautiful Staycation in Devon in 2024

One of the many phenomena that covid lockdowns brought with them was the rise of the staycation.  People started opting for holidays in the UK rather than overseas, and the habit has stuck.  Staycations have remained popular and are the perfect way to slow down without much thinking.  If you need more of a reason for why you should go on a staycation in Devon, keep reading.

A Relaxing Staycation in Devon

Immerse yourself in scenic landscapes and let the pressure of the daily grind slip away.  Enjoy a slower pace of life and the very best playground for kids.  Step outside and soak up relaxed vibes beside the sea and reenergise yourselves with a stomp through the moors during your holiday in Devon.  It is the perfect place for some quality time with your loved ones.

The county boasts stunning and varied landscapes, from coast to moorland and everything in between.  It is a welcoming county in terrain and in population.  People are quietly proud to live here and are glad to share their passion for the county with visitors. 

A Unique Staycation in Devon

Devon is unique with two coasts, both with different characters.  Surfers and walkers will head to the less populated North Devon to explore the wooded sea cliffs of Exmoor and the expansive sandy beaches of Woolacombe and Saunton.  The southern coastline includes family hotspots like the English Riviera and characterful towns.  Enjoy the beaches along East Devon’s Jurassic coastline or the hidden coves of the South Hams.

If you are looking for reasons for why you should go on a staycation in 2024, Devon’s natural landscape should be one.  Devon has an array of nature reserves reflecting the county’s diverse wildlife habitats.  It boasts beautiful gardens to explore, from big public estates to those private gardens that open throughout the year.  It is the ideal place to explore the outdoors and admire the wildlife.

A Dartmoor Staycation in Devon

Dartmoor is a well-loved national park lying at the centre of the county and it simply begs to be explored.  The park is rich in ancient sites and associated folklore.  There is so much history to enjoy and discover.  Surrounded by vibrant towns and enchanting villages, complete with independent shops, historic pubs, thatched cottages, and tearooms.  Enjoy the traditional Devon setting.

Devon Cities

You can’t visit the county without a trip to one of Devon’s cities, Plymouth, and Exeter.  Plymouth is rich in naval history, has a vibrant arts history, and a plethora of museums and galleries.  Britain’s Ocean City has so much to offer.  Exeter has a vibrant and beautiful quayside, independent shopping, a rich roman history, museums, and the cathedral.  Be sure to check out one of these iconic cities on Your Devon Escape.

For more reasons for why you should go on a staycation in 2024, check out recommendations for things to do in Devon in our journal.

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