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English Riviera Walking Festival

The English Riviera has an incredible story to tell, and this walking festival provides locally based guides who are there to tell it.  Set within twenty-two miles of coastal scenery, the English Riviera Walking Festival offers over twenty coastal walks. 

The festival’s guided walks range from the historical to the magical, with ones for all fitness levels.  Choose from a short half-mile stroll underground in one of Europe’s top prehistoric caves, to a twelve-mile hike from Torquay to Brixham along the coast path.

The guides are selected from across the English Riviera to share their stories and knowledge of the area.  Guides are united in their passion for this pocket of Devon, with its towering cliffs, picturesque bays, golden beaches, woodlands trails, and, of course, the South West Coast Path.  Let them take you on a journey, describing stories of the area and experience unique places.

After your walk, enjoy a meal at one of the fabulous restaurants in the English Riviera or simply relax in one of our properties.  Join this unique adventure on Your Devon Escape.  Explore the festival programme on their website.

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