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Book Your Holiday Cottages through a South Devon Agency

When the holiday rental world is filled with the likes of booking.com and Airbnb, why should you book through a local agency when trying to find the perfect holiday cottages in South Devon?  There is no denying the success of these companies in the travel and leisure industry and the way they have commandeered the market.  But let’s think about the benefits of booking local for a second.  These companies are global and with that you lose the personability and area knowledge that local letting agencies can offer.   With booking local, you can be sure to gain more than just holiday cottages in South Devon from your host and what is better than gaining a little extra from your booking from the price you pay.


When booking local you are getting more than just beautiful holiday cottages in South Devon, you get area knowledge.  Local letting agencies are often run by local people who live in the area.  They are people who have lived there for a while or may have even grown up there.  With that comes some great area knowledge and this is sure the case with Your Devon Escape.  Our team are either born and raised in the area or have lived in South Devon for over a decade.  This guarantees that our local knowledge will is greater and more unique than a national company or website such as booking.com or Airbnb.  Ask us questions before, during and after the booking process for recommendations in the local area.  You can gain insider knowledge about places to go and things to not miss whilst staying in one of our holiday cottages in South Devon


Local agencies are just naturally smaller than the big national companies.  With this you automatically gain more hands-on, personal support.  You are guaranteed to be met with a human when contacting the agency rather than an automated machine, chatbot or no response at all.  When you book direct through a local company, the host can call, text, or email you directly with any questions, explanations, or recommendations.  And this is the sure case with Your Devon Escape.  Our employees are not just knowledgeable about the local area and the needs of their guests, but they also know their holiday cottages in South Devon inside and out from regular visits.  The team is also nearby if something unavoidable happens during your stay and in-person help is needed from one of our team or maintenance.  By booking local, you are getting more than just holiday cottages in South Devon, you have access to our support throughout your stay for anything big or small you may need.


When booking holiday cottages in South Devon, you want it to be with a company you can trust.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are ways for scammers to hop onto websites like booking.com and Airbnb.  With local companies, you can be assured that this is not the case.  At Your Devon Escape, we have personally been to each of our holiday cottages in South Devon and have a personal rapport with our owners.  This ensures you are getting quality with each property you book.  More than this, we want a personal relationship with YOU, our guests.  Direct communication is important to us.  We want Your Devon Escape to be a great experience, so we are on hand to make this possible in any way we can.  We value the importance of developing a trusting relationship with our guests and owners so that your experience can be as personalised as possible.


Quite often by booking with a local agency, you gain access extras that aren’t available through national and larger companies.  Our “Visitors Club” is an example of this.  By booking through us, not only are you getting a glimpse our selective portfolio of holiday cottages in South Devon are like but you are also getting access to an exclusive list of discounted activities throughout Devon that you won’t get anywhere else.  From beach saunas to restaurants, the list is bank account friendly and gives you excellent recommendations for what to do during your stay.  Not only do you become part of our “Visitors Club”, but you also become part of our community.  You know what to expect for next time and who you will be speaking to next time you make a booking.  You also have the option to join our mailing list to hear about what we are up to; our future offers and when we have new holiday cottages in South Devon to entice you. 

For getting more from your booking, 24/7 support, trust, and that extra special something, book Your Devon Escape today!

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