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Why You Should Try a Winter Staycation in Devon?

You may ask why you should try a winter staycation in Devon.  You may think it will be cold, wet, and windy.  You may think it would be more fun flying somewhere where there is guaranteed heat.  We disagree!  There are many reasons as to why Devon is as lovely in winter as summer.  Whether it is wet and windy or blue skies (shock, we know), there is more than meets the eye in this county.  Below we discuss a few reasons why we think you should book Your Devon Escape in the colder months…


You may be thinking that there must be a reason why its quieter in the wintertime, and you would be right.  It is.  Fewer people visit in winter than in summer, but why should that stop you?  Enjoy the crowd-free beaches and quieter dinners in one of the many excellent restaurants.  Don’t worry about parking restrictions or bookings things in advance.  Experience Devon like a local and learn to love it like we all do!


You will find the weather in winter can be just as nice as the summer months.  Yes, you will not get a heatwave, but Devon can still manage moderate temperatures and blue skies through the winter months.  You can still enjoy that trip to the beach or afternoon stroll in the sunshine, and in fact it may be more pleasurable because it won’t be as hot!


The landscape of Devon is always changing from season to season in such a way that you will get something different every time you visit.  You should try a winter staycation in Devon, simply to see the area in a different light if nothing else.  From different wildlife to different coloured landscapes, Devon is one to sit back and enjoy at all times of the year.


Devon is known for being a dog-loving county.  Whether it is the local pub, a restaurant, or a café, you will find most will be dog friendly.  The beaches are no exception.  Almost all the beaches in Devon are dog friendly during the winter months, meaning it is the perfect holiday for your pooch as well as you!  Check out our journal for recommendations during Your Devon Escape.


If you love a walk, then Devon’s coast path is a holiday must.  The summertime can often be too hot for walking for many people, so why not take a trip in the cooler months to enjoy it properly.  Wrapping up warm and rambling along the coast can be one of the best feelings.  Enjoy the stunning views and observe some of the wildlife in comfortable temperatures.  Or take a trip up to Dartmoor to see the ponies.  You may even be lucky enough to catch some snow and try out sledging with the locals!


During winter in Devon, you can try many of the activities you would also experience in summer.  Great places to check out are the some of the National Trust sites which come to life during Christmas and into the New Year.  When it comes to children, there are lots of activities to try out from climbing centres, to theme parks, to soft play and wildlife centres.  There is truly something for everyone.  Check out our journal for recommendations for activities to do in winter around Devon!

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