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Why Visit Devon This Spring?

When continental Europe is generally warmer than the UK during the Spring months, and the idea of a holiday to a different country can seem more exciting, why would one choose to holiday in Devon during Spring?  We, at Your Devon Escape, believe there are many reasons to visit Devon this Spring.  With the 20th of March being the official start of Spring, we believe you should book a holiday to visit Devon this Spring.  Check out why we think you should visit below and then, when we have convinced you, check out our website and book one of our lovely properties for a holiday to remember.


Dogs are welcome on most of Devon’s beaches until the end of May, so take your pooch on holiday!  With the weather being glorious enough for a day at the beach during Spring, enjoy in the comfort of knowing you don’t have to leave your dog at home.  Or if the weather is not perfect for a day of sunbathing at the beach, take a stroll and watch the waves roll in as your pooch enjoys running around in the sand and shallow water. Check our journal for beach recommendations.


Spring is an excellent time to visit Devon if you are a lover of events.  From food and drinks festivals to music festivals to mayor celebrations, there is so much to get involved in during Spring.  There really is an event for everyone.  Check out Visit Devon’s website to find out what is going on over the Spring months and check out our website to find the perfect property for you to stay in whist your favourite event is on!  Be sure to visit Devon this Spring and not miss out on these wonderful events!


With less demand people around during the Spring months, try one of the many fabulous restaurants in the area whilst they are less crowded.  Sample local dishes and produce in a quieter setting.  With a whole host of different venues from pubs to restaurants and cafes, you are really spoilt for choice in.  Wherever you choose to eat, from fine dining to a simple takeaway, the ingredients will most likely be locally sourced.  So why not treat yourself and have a foodie visit to Devon this Spring.  Check out our journal for brunch and dinner spots to try!


The season of Spring tends to bring with it new life.  Why not take a trip to Paignton Zoo and see if any new animals have been born.  Or to Woodlands and be able to enjoy the theme park whilst also exploring and finding out if they have any new farm animals.  Or Pennywell Farm and be able to feed the lambs and hold various baby animals whilst learning about their various names.


Devon’s maritime climate means that the area tends to escape extreme weathers.  Today is officially the first day of Spring, yet a lot of the country has been experiencing snowfall over the past week.  Where hasn’t?  DEVON!  As Spring begins, visitors can expect to enjoy a milder climate than other areas of England, with May being the sunniest month to visit.  March to May is, in fact, considered to be the best time of year to visit Devon because you can enjoy a milder climate but has the pleasantness of not being peak summer season.  If exploring the area without heaps of people about and a warmer climate than the rest of the UK sounds inviting to you, then check out our website and book your visit to Devon this Spring.


Early spring brings with it an abundance of fresh greenery and a change in the beautiful landscape.  Experience the new green alongside the glistening blue ocean.  Head to one of the stunning gardens dotted around Devon.  Visit a National Trust Property and Gardens or head for a walk along the South West Coast Path.  Or head on up to Dartmoor for an explore.  There is so much to see and areas to venture to.  Spring is a wonderful time to head to Devon to see the bluebells and daffodils in full bloom in so many wonderful locations across the county.  If you fancy seeing Devon in bloom and fresh for the new season, plan Your Devon Escape for this Spring now.

For more ideas for what to do on Your Devon Escape, why not check out our journal for recommendations.  Or make us all jealous on Your Devon Escape by sharing your adventures with #yourdevonescape or tag us on Facebook @YourDevonEscape, on Instagram @your_devon_escape or TikTok @yourdevonescapeltd.

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