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Why Should You Let Out Your Holiday Home?

Do you have a house in Devon that you are not in all the time?  Why not let it out when it is empty?  Below we have compiled a list of reasons we think you should let your property out today and allow someone their Devon Escape.


Devon has always been a desirable location for a holiday for both Brits and people from abroad; however, since the pandemic this has only increased.  With so much to fall in love with, from the variety of landscapes and activities to enjoy, to the people and the food, people keep returning for a dose of what this idyllic part of the world has to offer.  Despite the return of the opportunity to travel abroad, the idea of a ‘staycation’ has remained appealing to many.  So why not make the most of this by letting out your holiday home, when you are not there!


With the world opening up again and people returning to the office, it may mean you can no longer spend as much time in your Devon home as you were once able to.  Or if you can only visit for certain weeks or weekends of the year, why not share the love with other people the rest of the year?  Allow someone the opportunity to stay in your beautiful home and fall in love with the reason you bought a property in Devon.


With our sister company Chameleon doing the hard task of cleaning your property, after guests leave, you can always turn up to your property with it gleaming.  This charge falls on those staying in the property, meaning essentially your property is cleaned regularly by us free of charge to you!  Relax in knowing that the property will always be kept in order and regularly checked without you having to lift a finger.


Whilst we manage the property for you concerning management of bookings and cleaning, the control is still with you regarding when it is booked out as a holiday let.  You can determine when you want to use the property and when it is available for holidaymakers.  Simply tell us the dates you wish to use your property and we will make it unavailable for bookings.


Simply put, it is a good way to cover the costs of owning and running the property!  By letting it out, you can create an easy extra income by owning the place and we manage the rest.


Your Devon Escape is here to lend a hand and make this process as smooth and straight forward as possible.  Whilst you make the decision to list with us, whilst listing and with any other queries, we are on hand to help.  We offer a professional and personalised service to all guests and property owners to ensure happy customers at both ends of the chain.

Why not take the leap and rent out your property with us today?  To find out more, check out all the information on our website on letting your property or send us an email at enquiries@yourdevonescape.co.uk today!

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