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A Short Devon Break…

Often, whenever you start thinking about a holiday, its about the week-long or ten-day break.  An extended period of relaxation, whether as a couple or to bring everyone together.  But why not consider a short Devon break?  At Your Devon Escape, we believe that you can see a lot of what Devon has to offer in a shorter time whilst also getting that much needed rest and recovery.  Below we have put together a list of reasons why you should consider a short Devon break.  Have a read and see if you agree!


If you want to explore this beautiful part of the world but feel a bit overwhelmed by how busy it may be, why not book a mid-week break.  With many people heading down for a weekend getaway, book mid-week to enjoy the area in the same way but with less people.  With many at work or school, you’ll be able to explore the area with a bit more flexibility.  This way you can enjoy a few days away and then still enjoy your weekend at home before heading back to your usual weekly commitments!  Check out our journal for mid-week adventure ideas and food recommendations for your short Devon break.


If you have young children and want to see how they are with a short break before making that longer trip, Devon is the ideal spot.  Pack them in the car and make your way to Devon for a few days of bliss.  With so much for them to do, rain or shine, it is the ideal place to see how they will be away from home.  It will be less exhausting and stressful whilst still getting all the luxuries of relaxing and enjoying a holiday!  Or simply you have heard so much about this idyllic place but want to test the waters for a few days before making a longer trip, do!  You will fall in love as we all have with the area and our properties!


Shorter breaks are often more relaxing to plan because there is not so much pressure on it to be perfect.  It costs less and there is less to plan, making the whole process more enjoyable.  Devon has so much on offer that you could just turn up and decide from there!  Speak to a local or our amazing team for recommendations on your short Devon break.


Booking that first trip away as a couple can be slightly daunting.  It can be a big leap booking a week or two holiday with your other half.  Booking a trip for a couple of days can allow you to test the waters before making that big step.  Enjoy a romantic weekend or mid-week break in one of our lovely properties before coming back for that longer trip!


There is always the push to go further by advertisements and what the people around us are doing.  We sometimes forget how amazing areas of this country really are, and Devon is definitely one of them!  With five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the county, you can understand why Time Magazine has voted Devon in the top 50 best places to visit in the world!  Why not treat yourself and explore why!


If you are longing for some much-needed time away but cannot find the time for an extended stay, why not go for a shorter amount of time?  Imagine a four-day working week when you know you have a weekend at the beach booked.  Or a couple of days walking the coast path; a retreat to the coast and countryside.  Well, Devon awaits.  Hop in the car and make your way to Devon for Your Devon Escape.  Where you can relax and recharge for a weekend before returning to work or your other commitments.  Sometimes a week is not possible or not necessary to get the needed rest you desire.  All our properties can be booked for as little as one night.  So, check out our website and book your short Devon break today!


We often take ourselves for a short break to a European city, but don’t consider this on our doorstep.  A short break to Devon can offer you cities, beaches, walks and adventure.  It can give you a lot of what a short trip to the continent could and more!  You would hop to the Mediterranean coast for weekend so why not Bigbury-On-Sea?  With so much on our doorstep, forget the faff of flying and just make the easy drive or train journey to this beautiful part of the world, and enjoy Your Devon Escape.

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