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What to Do on Christmas Day in Devon?

Christmas in Devon is a rather special day.  Whether you decide to spend it sat at home relaxing together or to head out and experience what the Devon landscape has to offer, Your Devon Escape has lots of recommendations for you!

Many of the locals love to get out and about on Christmas Day, whether this be a sea swim, a walk, or a pint in the pub.  However, if this isn’t for you, we have some activities you can get up to from the comfort of one of our properties.  Check our recommendations for what to do on Christmas Day in Devon below…


A brunch on the beach in winter may seem like a bit of a rogue idea but we at Your Devon Escape think it is one of the best!  Take down blankets and a barbeque and cook yourself a feast on the beach.  The perfect ‘what to do’ on Christmas Day in Devon activity.  Enjoy some bubbles or a flask of something warm whilst you breathe in the sea air before heading back to start the preparations for the Christmas feast.  Why not enjoy a cold sea swim whilst you are there!  Check out our journal for beach recommendations.


Christmas is a time to over-indulge and treat yourself.  And what better way to do this other than to treat yourself to a Christmas dinner at a local restaurant!  South Devon is renowned for its award-winning pubs, restaurants, and food producers, and at Christmas they sure don’t disappoint.  If you are staying in one of our properties this Christmas and don’t fancy cooking the feast yourself, there are plenty of great options nearby.  Check out our recommendations in our journal.  You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to where to book your Christmas dinner in South Devon, but book quickly to avoid disappointment!


If you are wondering what to do on Christmas Day in South Devon without leaving the house, then we suggest watching some Christmas films.  There are so many excellent Christmas movies out there, so why not get snuggly in one of our properties and watch them all!  With all our homes having the perfect lounging set-ups, why not get comfy and cosy with each other and enjoy some of the best scenes of Christmas.  Get out all the Christmas treats and watch whilst the Christmas dinner is cooking.


Whether the sun is shining, or the wind is howling, a coastal walk on Christmas Day is the perfect activity.  Take in the fresh and crisp sea air before returning home to indulge in your delicious roast.  Find a pub that is open along the way to complete the trip.  Enjoy the winter sunshine without the heat or watch the waves crash against the cliffs and the white horses.  Wrap up warm and enjoy a good stomp.  Check out our recommendations for coastal walks in our journal.  It is the perfect what to do on Christmas Day in Devon.


Head up to the moors this Christmas Day for a stomp.  Take the opportunity to take in the vast green countryside of Devon this Christmas Day.  With many walks to choose from of different lengths, this could be the perfect activity for the big day.  See the ponies, take in the fresh air, and enjoy a good walk before heading back to one of our properties to indulge in a Christmas feast!


Why not have a games day?  Come together in one of our properties and enjoy a games extravaganza.  The perfect activity for whilst the roast dinner is cooking, or in the evening as you sit back and digest and reflect on the perfect day.


Christmas is one of the best times of year in South Devon.  Not only will you find the beaches full of people on Christmas Day, but also the pubs!  Many of South Devon’s locals open for a few hours on Christmas Day so you can pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Whether you are wanting to take a break from cooking, or to end a walk, there are a few of our favourites to choose from that will be open on the big day.  Check out our journal for recommendations and pop into one of them this Christmas.


Join the locals for a Christmas Day sea swim; a tradition since the beginning of time in Devon.  On Christmas morning, head down to one of the many beaches, and find various bobbing Santa hats in the sea.  Take down a bottle of bubbly or a flask of something warm and either spectate or join in the fun!  Are you up for the challenge?  Most Devon beaches are dog-friendly at this time of year so bring your pooch along for the ride.  It is the perfect activity if you are wondering what to do on Christmas Day in Devon.  Enjoy a unique Devon experience, an occurrence that can only happen on one day of the year!  But do it properly!  No wetsuits allowed!  Check out our journal for beach recommendations.

For more ideas for what to do on Your Devon Escape, why not check out our journal for recommendations.  Or make us all jealous on Your Devon Escape by sharing your Christmas adventures with #yourdevonescape or tag us on Facebook @YourDevonEscape or on Instagram @your_devon_escape.

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